Soon you'll notice some visual and functional changes on the Inbox and Contacts pages. These changes came about through customer feedback and we are very excited to bring you a faster, more efficient experience!

Enhancements to Inbox and Contacts 

The following Inbox and Contacts enhancements are expected to be released by the end of October. The notes below reflect the majority of changes, but some smaller user experience and visual changes are omitted.


  • Your experience will be faster!


  • The active service now appears at the header of Service dropdown, along with the active channel below it.
  • Logout button now shows name of logged in user instead of just “Logout”.
  • New "changes" widget - This widget will show a red badge when there are unread new features for you to check out. 
  • New Help menu
  • You can finally upload your avatar photos that will appear throughout the app!


  • Date contact fields now show multiple months instead of just 1 month. This should allow for faster date selection.


  • Emojis button is no longer in top right corner, now they are in toolbar with other actions.
  • Emojis are searchable.
  • Multiple Attachments are now supported (in compose message as well!)
  • Translation hint now displays automatically whenever a user has “translate to {language}” toggled, styled differently.
  • Character count is now in bottom right corner (reply, compose, create contact + send message). An enhancement to warn user at 160 characters is coming soon after.


  • Segment and Tag filters have been replaced with "helpers" which allow for a visually simpler appearance and more specific searching options.
  • "Skeleton" loading throughout - Because nobody likes loading "spinners."
  • The inline translated messages are expanded by default for greater discoverability.
  • Messages and Event timestamps now display in the top right as a condensed version of a “relative time ago”. For example, instead of showing “Jul 30 12:37 PM”, it now shows “10m” if last updated time was 10 minutes ago, “3h” if it was 3 hours ago, “3d” if 3 days ago, “3mth” if 3 months ago, and “3yrs” if 3 years ago.
  • "Draft" type behavior for replies and new message composes. If you start composing a new message or replying and you close the compose modal because a new message comes in that you need to reply to immediately, you'll always be able to go right back to where you left off!
  • Users will now be able to freely toggle between conversation columns or use the search bar without losing navigating out of the conversation detail pane. View a summary of active conversations without losing your place in the current conversation.


We've optimized the Segment filters! For those of you building out Segments, there are some great new additions here to help make the process easier.

is not
starts with
ends with
does not contain
is unknown
has any value
regular expression

more than [x] days ago/from now
exactly [x] days ago/from now
less than [x] days ago/from now

after [date]
is [date]
before [date]
is unknown
has any value

greater than [x]
less than [x]
is [x]
is not [x]
is unknown
has any value
True / False
is yes
is no
is unknown
has any value

Single Option:
is [x]
is not [x]
is unknown
has any value

exactly [x] hours ago/from now

after [time]
is [time]
before [time]
is unknown
has any value

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