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How to Clean the Thermal Print Head of a Medallia Concierge Printer
How to Clean the Thermal Print Head of a Medallia Concierge Printer
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The Medallia Concierge printer uses a thermal print head on thermal paper. The printer does NOT use ink.

When the text on the printed ticket is illegible or has faded, you may have a dirty thermal print head


  1. Open the Medallia Concierge printer lid, remove the roll of paper from the cradle.

  2. Locate the thermal strip by looking down into the paper tray. The thermal head is a dark brown strip

  3. Clean the surface with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to clear any debris from the thermal heading itself.

  4. Replace the paper and reset the printer and verify the text is printing clearly.

Ensure you are using the correct power supply:

  1. Ethernet Printers (IP): Require an 8-volt output power supply

  2. Wireless Printers (GSM): Require a 12-Volt output power supply.

If you are using a power supply with a lower or higher output voltage, requests will not print correctly and the thermal head may be permanently damaged, requiring replacement.

If the print out is still illegible or has vertical streaks, the device may need to be replaced. Contact Medallia Concierge Tech Support for further troubleshooting.

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