Zingle printers are tested and verified to be working before being sent out to customers. 

Once the Zingle printer is received it is a relatively easy "plug and play" setup. A couple of things to keep in mind before connecting the printer:

  1. Confirm your Ethernet port,, whether it be directly from the wall or router, is on and active.

  2. Be sure to use the supplied charger for the printer.

Once that's confirmed, follow these simple setup steps to get the printer working:

  1. Plug Ethernet cable and power cord into printer

  2. Turn on printer via switch in the back

  3. Printer will turn on, you will hear the Zingle jingle, all LED's will start blinking

After a few minutes the printer will print out the words "Connected to Zingle!" This confirms your printer is now connected to your service and ready to go! 

Please note:

The flashing "Paper" light serves 2 functions: 

  1. To indicate if there is a paper jam/out of paper

  2. To indicate that the printer is attempting to connect to you network. This light may blink longer than others but that is expected due to the printer attempting to connect.

There are many reasons why a printer may not connect and will print "Unable to connect" or a similar failure message. Before reaching out to Zingle Tech Support please confirm your network has no firewall in place preventing the printer from connecting. If this is the case, please white-list our domain *.zingle.me.

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