Zingle Printers are relatively easy to set up as all they require for connection is to be plugged into your network Ethernet port via a Ethernet cable going to your router or wall jack. Once connected, Zingle printers will print out the message "Connected" to indict it is connected and ready to printout out messages. 

However they may not be able to connect to your network for a variety of reasons and this article will help explain and provide some troubleshooting steps to help resolve. The below steps are separated between IP printers and GSM/3G printers for those customers who are on that setup.

*All replacement printers are now IP but we still support those customers with 3G/GSM

Why an IP printer might not connect:

  1. Firewall/content filter put in place by your network provider.

  2. Ethernet port on router/wall jack may not be working/enabled on the network side which will prevent any device from connecting to the network from that particular port.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Reach out to your network provider and inform them to white-list or unblock service from Zingle by providing *.zingle.me domain. This will lift any firewalls/content filters and allow the printer to work.

  2. Network providers may sometimes "turn off" certain Ethernet ports and would need to "turn on" to give access to network.

For any IP printer issue that is having connection problems it is important to try and test that particular Ethernet port using another device (laptop, desktop etc) to help signal if the issue lies on the network side or the Zingle printer itself. If other Ethernet enabled devices fail to connect as well the issue would lie on the network side and we advise to reach out to your IT team or network provider for troubleshooting. If successful, reach out to Zingle for further assistance.

Why an GSM/3G printer might not connect:

  1. These get their network connection via a cellular signal (like a cell phone) and may lose connection based on outside factors such as weather conditions, temporary outage/degradation in cell signal, environmental factors (tall buildings/mountain terrain)

  2. Disconnect then reconnect sporadically due to signal strength

If the above steps do not help and the Zingle printer continues to print out "Not Connected" please reach out to Zingle Support for further review and assistance. 

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