The Zingle printer has a "Confirm/Feed" button which is used to answer incoming texts, if printer settings are set to Manual Acknowledge, and to feed paper from the machine. Generally you should have no issue with the functionality of this button however there can be cases in which the button gets stuck or jammed and will not work.

More than likely this is the result of debris falling and being built up inside the button due to users hand debris (food/liquid residue seeping into button) or any other foreign substance getting into the printer button. 

The majority of these cases would require the printer to be sent back to Zingle to be cleaned and fixed. However we do advise these couple troubleshooting steps in hopes to avoid:

  1. Apply a light amount of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball or swab and clean around the button. This can help to breakdown the debris and will dry quickly to avoid any damage to the printer itself.

  2. Use Canned air to spray into and around button to help remove debris.

If the steps above fail please reach out to Zingle for further steps to help resolve. 

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