Zingle Printers not being able to connect to your network connection may be the result of a few different points of error. This article will explain how a Network Firewall would block a Zingle printer from successfully connecting to your network. 

Once the Zingle printer is connected to power, an Ethernet connection and turned on, the printer will attempt to connect to your internet connection. If unsuccessful, the printer will print out "Unable to Connect to Internet."

One of the first troubleshooting steps to complete is to make sure your network connection has no firewall or filters in place that would prevent the IP Zingle printer from connecting onto the network. Your internet connection could be working perfectly with all your devices yet still fail on the Zingle Printer. This can be due to a firewall.

To resolve a potential firewall issue you will need to contact your IT team or network provider and ask they white-list the Zingle domain of ".zingle.me". This will grant the printer access to the network. 

If your location has strict firewall or proxy rules that will prevent web traffic from going outside your network, you will need to approve the following domains for both ports 80 and 443 (SSL).  Ideally, you should approve *.zingle.me, to allow all subdomains; if this is not possible you may need to approve the following individual domains.


Once white-listed, please turn the printer off, unplug the power cord, wait about 1 minute and then reconnect, power on to get the printer to connect to the network. 

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