Improvements  👍

  • Bitly integration - You can now integrate your service with Bitly to automatically shorten outbound URLs. learn more
  • Zingle now supports two essential elements of the recent GDPR regulations: a) the ability to permanently delete contacts, b) the ability to view the original creation 'source' of a contact. learn more
  • Contact avatars automatically gathered from email addresses is using an upgraded API service to locate avatars and should be more accurate.
  • Invite email links to join will have a 2 week timeout period, which should lead to less confusion related to newly added user access to Zingle.

Bugs 🐞

  • Importing contacts through CSV will now accept a broader range of CSV "encodings". What does that mean? It should work more often.
  • Resolved issue with trial signup using oAuth (Google, Slack, Office 365).
  • Resolved a few issues with trial signup which will make the process more streamlined and prohibit non-authorized signups.
  • Lots of smaller bugs squashed.
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