This release provides some excellent improvements!

Improvements  👍

  • Based on customer feedback, we've updated the Teams & Assignments navigation. Learn more.
  • In order to easily see that your Autoresponder is on, you'll now see a little icon in the top navigation when your autoresponder is on.
  • The compose message modal won't close automatically if you've started composing a new message and accidentally click away from the modal. In the near future, we are going to make this change for the "New Contact" modal as well. 
  • The Zings interface has a slightly different look. No Zings functionality has changed. This was a visual update ONLY.
  • Now you can run certain Zing actions "like a human!" For all Zing actions that have the ability to be delayed, there is now the choice to run "like a human", which will randomly delay the message 15-45 seconds. This should help if you want to appear human. 👽 🧔

Bugs 🐞

  • Lots of bugs squashed.
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