We've released some valuable improvements, read on!

New Features 🎁

  • Calendar Events: Professional and Enterprise customers now can create calendar events that can be used to quickly send appointment reminders based on relative times (i.e., 2 hours before an appt.). Learn more.
  • We've added a link to our System Status page via the "Help" menu. Check it out.
  • We've added a date range selector to our analytics reports. This selector is nice because it has a few common defaults and then also allows you to use a custom date range. Additionally, the selected date range remains the same when switching between reports. Stay tuned for more great analytics enhancement!

Improvements  👍

  • You can now rename Segments! Ya! Finally.
  • We simplified the Autoresponder interface. We think you'll love the simplicity of the new interface. The functionality is still the same. You can also select half-hour increments now! Note: We no longer support the autoresponder being ON without a schedule. Instead, you can simply select "Every day" from 12am - 12am, which is the same as being ON for all hours. 
  • Billing & Usage section contains extra details.

Bugs 🐞

  • Lots of bugs squashed.
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