We've made a few important interface changes in this release; please read on.

Improvements  👍

  • To simplify the inbox tabs, we've consolidated the tabs down to just two: Open and Closed. Under the tabs, there is an "unread" toggle that allows you to filter the conversations in either tab by "unread." Searching will return relevant results in the open and closed tabs. 
  • We've added a red "badge" to the browser tab, so now it's easier to see the number of unread conversations if you're looking at other tabs.
  • The support chat widget that was located in the lower right corner of the screen has been removed, and all help related actions are now available from within a new "Help" section at the top.
  • You can now collapse and expand the contact profile column on the right side of the Inbox.
  • The close conversation button is now down at the bottom with the other actionable buttons.

Bugs 🐞

  • We resolved a few minor bugs.
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