This article assumed you already have access to a WeChat Official Account.  If you don't, you should read our WeChat Official Accounts Overview to learn about the different types of WeChat Official Accounts and how to obtain one.

Getting the Credentials from WeChat

You'll need to log in to the WeChat Official Account admin site at (if that doesn't work, try this link). 

Once logged in, you'll need three pieces of information:

  • Micro Signal
  • App ID
  • Secret

Configuring WeChat to send messages to Zingle

From the WeChat Official Account admin site, you'll need to go to the Interface Configuration Information section and update the URL to: 

You will also have to update the Token to:


Once that's done save your changes.

Entering your WeChat Credentials in Zingle

Log in to your Zingle service (you must use an account with Administrator access) and go to Admin Settings from the profile menu. 

Once in Admin Settings, go to the Channels section and click on the WeChat channel.  Enter the values obtained earlier and save your changes.  

That's it!  Your WeChat Official Account is now linked to Zingle.  Messages sent to your Official Account will show up in Zingle and you can reply directly to those customers from the Zingle Inbox.  

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