We are very excited to keep bringing you fixes and enhancements. Here are the release notes for our release on September 12, 2017.

If you aren't using the new interface, click the big purple button in the upper right corner to switch. If you don't see a button, please speak with your Zingle Customer Success Manager. The classic interface will be sunset on Jan. 15, 2018.

New Analytics! (beta) 📊

A new analytics solution is available in the new user interface. Initially, our goal is to mimic the reports from the classic interface but with a more robust form factor that includes a collapsible side pane and faster filtering capabilities. In subsequent releases, we'll be adding additional reports and metrics that will showcase the value of the new reporting solution. Learn more

Detailed Notes 😴

Improvements 😄

  • A Zing can now be Triggered if an emoji is detected in the incoming message
  • Setup steps are now available for new services

Bugs 🐞

  • Resolved issue with removing some users from the Classic interface
  • Resolved issue with Zing action time conditions not firing correctly based on the current time and according to the service time zone
  • Resolved issue with newly created contacts being in an open state (now they will be closed)
  • Resolved issue, where in some cases, contact fields would appear blank after navigating from the Zings interface
  • Resolved issue where a scheduled automation created in classic interface with date conditions, did not run when scheduled
  • Resolved issue where Zing Marketplace would show up blank in some cases
  • You can now use any Segment (even time based) for Scheduled Zing triggers

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