The last step in the recent interface upgrade is an analytics update. Starting on 9/12, we'll be rolling out new analytics accessible through the new interface. The classic interface analytics will remain the same.

We reached out to several customers to learn how they use the existing reports and find out how we could improve the overall reporting experience. We learned a lot and are excited to start building!

The initial phase (Sept.) will consist of mimicking the classic reports within the new analytics format. Next, we'll build on the base set of reports with additional reports and data points. 

The new analytics are accessed and analyzed differently. You'll notice a collapsible side navigation menu where you can browse for reports. Then, the filters on the right are used to filter down to a particular time frame or data set.

Here is a screen shot of one of the new reports:


There are two changes worth noting:

  1. Data is stored per the timezone setting within Settings. If data already exists and the timezone setting changes, new data will be summarized per the new timezone, but existing data will remain in the previous time zone.
  2. Analytics data in the Classic interface was real-time; however, data in the new interface will lag approximately 24 hours behind real time. In most cases, our customers are reporting on data at least one day old, so even though there’s a delay, we’re confident you will still be able to get the data you’re looking for in the new analytics. However, we are looking to make the data real-time in the near future.
  3. Download to .csv coming very soon.

Very much looking forward to the next release and having a chance to hear your feedback.


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