Let's face it, change is difficult for some and we at Zingle are very empathetic to our customers who are still using the classic interface. Supporting the new interface and classic interface in parallel is complicated, but it is important to us that our customers are given the opportunity to transition to the new team inbox at their own pace. However, at some point we have to say goodbye to our old interface to ensure we are providing you with the best software and user experience possible.

Given that the new interface has been available for months now and that we've resolved many bugs and usability issues, it's time to set a date at which time all customers will automatically log into the new interface. That date is Feb. 15, 2018.

⭐️  Let's take a look at why the new interface is better than the classic interface:

  • The new UI (user interface) has been completely redesigned to be faster when transitioning between pages and loading data.
  • All settings are accessible from one central "Settings" section as opposed to being scattered throughout, as in the classic interface.
  • Zings (formerly automations) have been completely redesigned to make it much easier to create and maintain powerful automated workflows.
  • Completely re-designed Analytics (coming soon - beginning of Sept.)
  •  Users can create and manage scheduled Zings in the new interface.
  • The new interface allows for the creation of Segments. Segments are a super powerful way to organize your contacts and automate targeted messages.
  • Message attachments can be used with group messages.
  • Message attachments can be sent using Zings.
  • vCard attachments are supported.
  • ...and many more fixes, features, and enhancements.

💡  Tips for transitioning to the new interface

  1. Familiarize yourself with the features in the new UI and identify any process or configuration changes that may be necessary. Feel free to call your Customer Success Manager for assistance and/or to talk through any changes.
  2. Review the new interface and features with all team members and ensure they are fully trained prior to the cut off date.
  3. Set a date prior to Feb. 15 and communicate with your team that you'd like everyone to be switched over on that date. This will still allow for a short time period where users can switch back to the classic interface if necessary. Remember, on Feb. 15, there won't be an option to switch back to classic.

That's it! We are really excited about the new interface and have some great new features coming down the roadmap.

Cheers, 👋
Jeremy Boatman
Director, Product

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